Sans Homeostasis


I have wandered lonely all my life, curious where I went wrong. The tone of my flesh was conspicuous; I didn't quite belong.   

Cultivated in a family of five, the eldest of my kin. Produced by a lovely-lunatic; consequence of crime or furtive-sin. 

Antepartum adoption by a soldier, no stability of location or mind. Born knowing I am an outsider, in my household and into mankind.

Ambiguous in every way, an anthropomorphic contradiction. It could be due to my father not sparing the rod or my sweet mothers' dereliction. 

My mind muses antithetically, or at least that is what I am told. An indignant society my presence creates for not fitting into its mold. 

The source of both pleasure and discontent, I am a versatile being. Every aspect of who I am are constantly disagreeing.

While keeping your distance, you understand, approach, and you'll feel confusion. My thoughts though dark when reflecting your light, produce an optical illusion.

I mirror all which inspires me, a humanesque collage. The shades of grey, neither good nor bad, a cognizant Mirage


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