Back To Where It all Began

I don’t even know where to start about today, but to make a long story even longer….

On 5/8/19, I reached out to my cousin, who I haven’t spoken to in quite some time, in fact not since I lived in Kansas almost 10 years ago. Her father (my uncle) told me once, he knew who my father was, and he would tell me one day. However, he forbade me from mentioning it to my mother and threatened if I did, he would never tell me what I want to know. I being the curious and challenging young adult that I was, of course, approached my mother with the subject.

My uncle and I fell out, and haven’t spoken since my mother died in 2011. I explained all of this to my cousin, and she reached out to her father, even though their own relationship is on rocky terms.

My uncle called me and told me every sweet thing a grieving and hopeful niece needs to hear and then spit out two names, telling me he was sure one of them is my father.

I tracked them down, by name and found they both had one mutual family member who actually utilizes social media. Neither of them does, and I can only assume, it to be due to the substantial list of criminal activity involving them. Anyhow this aunt of theirs happen to have a mutual friend with me, and so I reached out.

My friend was all too excited to get involved and promised to call this enigma that is my father.

However, I figured it was a long shot, this means either my mother knew and lied to me for 22 years or my uncle was sending me on a wild goose chase. Needless to say, I chose not to get my hopes up. Even if it is him,what next, I am not sure what to do with this information.

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