The fact or state of living, or having objective reality.

Prove Me Wrong

Existence-The fact or state of living, or having objective reality.

I have often asked myself, how I would know that my dreams aren’t the reality in which I physically exist. Consequently, my perceptions of truth would be my dream. I don’t believe anyone can know for sure. 1 in 20 people are deemed color blind, but how do we know they are the ones who are color blind? We say we know,because the majority of people see color the same. Well if there was an island filled with only the color blind, except for one man than he would be considered the one with the disorder. Alternatively, even if over the years, more people came forward as color blind, leaving the percentage of non-color-blind people as the minority then, our perception of what is genuinely the correct color would change.

The idea that everything we consider reality, is to be taking place only in our mind, is interesting to me, and I can even see how this would be believed by many if that were the case. Unfortunately, though, I would find it sad that our mind simulates our reality and I was unable to come up with a better one than this.

If everything is happening only in our mind, then someone must be controlling our actions. Otherwise, why would you perceive a crack in the sidewalk and not see it? Tripping over it. How can I know what something will look like based on touching it? How can all my senses, be so in sync with each other? Moreover, most of the people are so in sync with each other on the way we perceive the world. Alternatively, if my reality is a virtual simulation built in my mind, do other people even actually exist? There are too many questions that would need long contemplation, to also come up with a theory on this subject. Though, to me, the origin of our reality is irrelevant. Descartes had implied; to know that you exist is the only thing you can be sure of.

“I think. Therefore I am.” -Descartes

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