Welcome To My Mind

I am a walking talking contradiction, a hypocrite. A lover and a fighter, a mystery, an answer, I’ll be forever searching. I am extremely private yet an open book.

Try and figure me out if you dare.


I was raised in an all-white family, I am an African-American Military brat who bounced around my entire life. Living the life of an adopted child, although my mother birthed and raised me. I always felt and lived like an outsider to the human race. My mind works slightly different than most, I have been told I have wisdom beyond my years. But I think I have just realized nothing is absolute. I am very versatile being, a genuine chameleon. Only when you start to think you know what you are looking at; you see a different perspective of me, visually, mentally, and lyrically. I am forever changing. I am neither good or bad, I am neither right nor wrong. In the likeness of a Mirage.


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The Calm-The Storm-The Residual Rage