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The Power of Surrender

Surrender gives one the power of choice. A person can fight against systemic oppression by choosing not to partake in the system, in likeness to Sovereign Citizens. However, rather than refusing to accept that a passive lifestyle, makes one equally a part of the problem. I would implore the politically inactive citizens of America to give into the proverbial lashings society forces gives. Instead of avoiding issues and submissively accepting them, choose to wear the emotional, physical proudly, and psychological scars, from the constant beating, ‘s issued by inequality, as a symbol of strength and fortitude.

Choose to admit; there is a social hierarchy which places white American men as the front runners in society. A pyramid that makes it unlikely to climb higher than the station of ones family’s previous generation. Especially so for the underprivileged, people of color, women, and let us not forget the LGBTQ+ community.

First, realize that individual and systemic racism and sexism are still very much alive! Then surrender to the fact that anyone society deems unsuccessfully socialized, will face obstacles in their life, that the wealthy white male population will never have to deal with, at least not in the same magnitude.

Many citizens take issue with our systems in America. The criminal justice system, judicial system, healthcare, mental health, and foster care systems, all deal with apparent struggles. However, little to no action by individuals are being taken, in attempts to create change. Even the best intentions and ideas, on how to solve the issues of America, do little good without action. Understand it is challenging to decide where to begin.

Correcting one issue, many times, leads to observations of new difficulties, that is how the world works. Attempting to find a plausible way, to initiate positive change, without taking away or altering one’s civil rights granted in the Constitution, is challenging to say the least. To examine the idea of re-writing the Constitution brings about a million questions. Is there a better way for the government to run? How do we start to make changes, in a way that would create a peaceful environment? A society where people maintain all the freedoms they believe to be entitled to and to keep a balance. Many times, one man’s beliefs interfere with another man’s ideas.

The government’s job is to maintain a balance, while upholding the control of the people, all the while letting it appear as though the American people, are in power in the form of democracy. The only way to take part in the roles and rule making is to become part of the government. Once one earns their part, they will still need the help from the American people, and the mental strength to stay true to one’s original values, and determination, to join the legislative fight, to make a positive change.

Until one decides to surrender to the inequalities in life, they will never gain the power, to have a large and influential platform, to fight against those same inequalities, that oppress the American people. Surrender as a choice has power attached to it, with it being a decision. It could lead to freedom because any path taken by choice is going to be a more fulfilling path.

If having trouble with the idea of surrendering to authority, discrimination, and blatant disregard for civil rights, one must change their perspective. To surrender to the design, that a diverse human being, will never be as powerful, as their wealthy white male counterparts; without choosing to work ten times as hard, is to give in to the system, in order to fight against it, making it a conscious and informed decision to surrender. Making a choice is empowering. To surrender to the rules of the oppressive regimes in society, would be an act of free will. Though not as a victim, but instead as a participating party. Choose to overcome the obstacles and to join the fight. Eventually, taking part in changing the rules and in turn, fixing the issues by contributing to the correction of the process. Making improvements, to head towards a society, where every citizen uses their voice, and every voice is respected.

Give into the regulations of the system, and work hard to get in, to a part of the structural hierarchy, where one’s skills are beneficial. Fight to move up in the pyramid; it only takes one action to make a positive change. Fight, and then dig the proverbial nails into the ladders of life and climb. Read “The 10X Rule”-By Grant Cardone. The ascent of that social pecking order can change a person, do not let it. Work ten times as hard as one’s privileged counterparts. Become victorious against all the odds, and let the world hear that voice.